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Founded in September 2014 and based in London, United Kingdom, Betfect is a social betting website designed to revolutionise the sports betting experience. Sharing bets with friends has become a frustrating task – whether it’s taking a photo of a creased bet slip from the bookies, screenshotting your online selections, or looking for tips on endless ‘tipster’ websites. Our vision is to take away the hassle of using third party networks and create an integrated community of betting enthusiasts. With Betfect; you can place, share and even copy bets from top bettors – all in one place.

Betting Revolution

At Betfect we believe betting should be a social experience to be shared with friends. When Harry Ogden opened the UK’s first bookmaker in the 1790’s, punters would gather in the bookies – discuss their bets and exchange tips. While the development of new technologies has made it easier to bet, it has also made the experience more individual. As bettors, we all share the same ambition to win. Betfect is here to help you create that winning bet slip. Our community-orientated website makes sharing and winning your bets simpler and more enjoyable.


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